About Us

Since its foundation, ÇAĞ-TEK has acquired extensive knowledge in the technical conception and fabrication of elastomer tissues.
ÇAĞ-TEK supplies the market under the trade mark FAB-COB, with mass produced industrial accessories and develops tailor-made solutions based on customer requirements.
ÇAĞ-TEK sets high quality standards in technical attributes and prices as well as reliability in Ontime services.
Efficient interdisciplinary Project teams allow short evolution periods for complex technical product demands.

We produce high quality products:
- Flexible multi size pipe plug
- Flexible multi size pipe test plug
- Single size pipe plug
- Multi size pipe test plug with metal core
- Single size pipe test plug with metal core
- Multi size oval pipe test plug with metal core
- Multi size short packer with metal core
- Flexible multi size packer
- Liftingbag
- Roll Covering

Our experience in the elastomer industry for many years, lets us produce high quality products with reasonable prices.


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